Monday, 30 January 2012

Lego stop motion getting out of bed

Lego Stop Motion.

Our second idea was to use the lego the reason for this is, we found too many problems with using the doll. One of the problems; we couldn't get the doll in same position from where we left of in the last scene. So we had to start again, we did not have enough time to start again. This is why we came up with using lego then we could stick it down when was finished with it. Also lego is easier to work with, but once showing others what we had done, we then decided that lego was not related to out title sequence in anyway, so we changed it again. So now we are using ourselves and doing it in life form in stead of animation or lego. 

Testing for media studies on stairs

Friday, 27 January 2012

Testing Stop Motion

Jan 27th, 2012

Today we tested the ways the we are going to come up/down the stairs. We tested laying down and bumping down the stairs. We came up with a problem laying down and going down stairs at the same time is very dangerous so when we come down the stairs we are going to bump down them.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Journal Posts.

Journal Post

Wed 11th, Jan.

Today me a Kiera went down to welling and filmed the first scene that would be in the film, of Sarah Bailey holding the leaflet saying 'Auditions Today' this will be the last shot of the title sequence.This was down the road from the school next to welling outside the church/looks like a bingo hall. This was a perferct location cause it looks like a theatre from the outside and we only needed the outside and the doors of the building.

Fri 13th, Jan.

Today in lesson we filmed some of the bed scene. We also filmed the bit before where there is a little girl playing with the dolls. Whilst filming the bed scene we came up with a few problems. there is not enough in the frame. There is too much space in the shot.

Fri 20th, Jan.
During todays lessons we came up with a number of problems. We have scrapped the whole idea of using a doll. Only because, last lesson it took us an hour to get the doll in the right position from where we took the last shot. We have changed idea to using lego, the reason we have chosen to use this, is every time we finish a shot we can leave the lego person in the same place we can leave everything where it is. Also it will be easier to make back grounds, shops and houses. 
   Today we also found that we should start booking the lamps that we need, because going to get them before the lesson was not always wise, because they might be using them for their own lesson. Also the camera as well. 
   So as of today we have started booking then items that we need so that we know we have them for every single lesson. Also, as of the events today we are running a little behind, we have made a schedule to see what days we can stay back after school. We don't all have to stay back we only need to people at a time. So we have changed around different days. 

Sunday 29th, Jan.

Over The Weekend Jess and Kiera did the filming for the start the title sequence they did three hours work and got over 700 photos. There are still many more photos to take. 

*to be finished*

Friday, 6 January 2012

Testing Stop Motion

Tests For Stop Motion 

When it came to doing our tests, we came up with a few problems which we had to improve. We discussed of ways to change objects and lighting to help with our title sequence. Below are a list of problems we came up with:

  • The lighting: we have to get the lighting the same in every single shot because of continuity. It has to be High Key Lighting because the photos are of a lady walking through the streets during the day. One idea was to do it outside, the reason we couldn't do this outside is because the lighting would change and we need the lighting to be the same in every single shot because of continuity. So we came up with the idea of doing it in a classroom but then the lights in the classroom are flicker lights. We wouldn't be able to use this because using a DSLR, this would pick up every time the light flickers. Which means each picture would have a different lighting.  
  • The object (the person playing Sarah Bailey): we found a few problems with this, being that we are doing stop motion and we have to take about 1000 photos to make this look good and for it to work, we would need everything about the person to be the same, the hair the make up the clothing, everything. So we came to the conclusion of using a barbie doll. This way we can do whatever we need to do to it and it will still stay the same.
  •  The background: doing the tests shots today with the lamp and the flash on the camera, there was a shine on the paper and because they were printed from the computer. So we came up with the idea of painting a background our self. Being that we have someone in our group that does art as an A-Level we thought that this could be a very successful ideal.
  •  Location: our location is now a room with the light turned off and a lamp directly over the frame. 
  • Camera shots: bird’s eye view, directly over the frame.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Production Company Logo for Struck By Rain

This is what we decided for our logo because our film is a musical romcom so the O for Opera is musical notes which does a very good job of indicating what our film is.

* to be finished *

Friday, 9 December 2011

Stop motion test. Struck By Rain.

9-Dec-2011: Shaun's Lesson.
This is our test for stop motion. We used a bottle and moved it slightly. From doing this test we have discovered that this project is going to take a lot of work. This video is only six seconds long and we had to take over fourty pictures. Our title sequence has to be two minutes long. This shows that we are going to have to take over a thousand photos just to make this. 
When were doing this is we didn't see any problems, but when we watched in back there was a list of problems. 

  • The lighting changed in some of the pictures, because there were flicker lights in the room where we took the pictures.
  • Kiera's hand was in some of the shots because we didn't leave her enough time to move her hand before we took the photo.
  • We didn't the bottle smooth enough.